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Crew Soccer is one of the most affordable competitive soccer clubs in the St. Louis area and sponsorships are a key to keeping costs low for our players.

We pride ourselves on working closely with the businesses in our communities on creative, mutually-beneficial sponsorship solutions.  While the goal of sponsorship is to support nonprofit organizations, we believe that it’s a two-way street and the businesses should be supported also.  Our devoted group of players, coaches, parents and supporters are regularly encouraged to support the businesses that so generously support us.  

why support?

Between renting practice space, league registration fees and specialized training, the costs of running a large sports organization can grow very quickly.  Your support of Crew Soccer helps to offset these expenses thus lowering the costs for each player.  Sponsorship has also allowed us to continually expand our training opportunities for both players and coaches as well as provide extra activities and events to encourage teamwork, comraderie and fun!

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We would love to talk with you about the different opportunities we can offer your business.  Please use the form below to get in touch with our Sponsorship Director and we will get right back with you!

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