Established in 2018

it’s all about the kids.

the fastest growing soccer club in the region.

Crew Soccer was founded with a distinct focus: to bring the joy of soccer to the youth in Monroe County, Illinois, and its neighboring communities.

Our primary aim is to facilitate competitive club-level soccer experiences that are conveniently local, allowing players to participate right in their own neighborhoods. We are dedicated to enhancing soccer knowledge, fostering teamwork, and promoting the sport’s growth. Our commitment to the local community and its young athletes is unwavering. As we are driven by our passion for both the game and the community, we actively give back to nurture the kids’ development.  Today, we proudly stand as one of the most rapidly advancing soccer clubs in the St. Louis metro area. 

With over 500 players and a roster of more than 70 highly skilled coaches, our achievements reach beyond the field into real life!

One key distinction sets us apart: our organizational leadership. Unlike the majority of other clubs, our board of directors serves without pay. This unique approach allows us to keep player fees notably lower than those of many counterparts in the St. Louis area. This ensures that soccer remains accessible to a wider range of families, making the love of the game a reality for all who wish to participate.




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SLYSA Opening Weekend

Teams playing in SLYSA’s competitive leagues begin matches.

Waterlooo Homecoming Parade

Join fellow players and coaches and walk with Crew Soccer in local parades!



Crew Soccer Club aims to provide an environment that encouraging teamwork, fairness and sportsmanship.  Playing for the Blue Crew means you’ll receive positive and productive coaching and support that ensures a fun and competitive landscape.

Crew Soccer Club is proud to offer financial assistance to families that couldn’t otherwise afford for their children to participate in youth sports.  This financial assistance is made possible by the generous sponsorship of local businesses and partners.  CLICK HERE for more information.


what They’re Saying

COACH Testimonials

What a season! It’s been exciting to watch the boys come together and see all their hard work pay off. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and what we’ve accomplished together. I feel like as the coach, I’ve gained just as much from the experience as the kids.  Coaching this group has been such a fun experience and I look forward to continue helping them develop!

Kristy S

Being a coach for Crew Soccer has been very rewarding! I have always had a passion for sports and helping kids. Coaching is the perfect combination to pay it forward to the community. Being a coach is so much more than just soccer. It’s about having a positive impact on the kids and teaching life lessons based on the Crew values of Teamwork, Focus and Respect. The club does a great job providing coaches with the resources and training they need. The entire organization of volunteers is great to work with, and I am really excited for the future of Crew Soccer!

Matt K

In the past coaching other teams, I would get a roster and then be on my own to figure it out. Coming to Crew, I was amazed at how much the organization cares about the development of coaches as much as the players by providing training plans, help with drills, responsive support, and even grassroots certification. I really feel like part of a community!

Kameron K

Support crew

We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and we can only play that role with your help.  If you’re a business owner interested in supporting us in our mission, please reach out.  We have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that provide mutually beneficial goals for your business and the local youth! 

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